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Improvements to Parkway Ave. Area

Received from Jennifer Russell, Senior Engineer with Department of Transportation and Engineering: “We are still rehabilitating Parkway Avenue this year with work starting in the next few weeks. More specifically in the circle and down to Monon Avenue, we are planning to reconstruct the roadway and will lower the pavement grades to allow for proper drainage. We will install a paved gutter along the outer edges of the roadway to accommodate drainage and will replace driveway aprons to accommodate the new roadway grades…the paved gutters will not be like the drains on DeCamp. The best way to describe the paved gutters is a flattened rolled curb. I believe a prior design included installing pipes and regrading the tree lawn areas into grass swales, but did not address the underlying issue of the roadway being too flat to completely fix all the problems. With the new design of lowering the road, we can get the outer edges of the pavement and the areas around the churches to drain completely to the existing inlets on Parkway and Woodbine Avenues. Generally, the roadway width will stay the same, except at Monon Avenue where we will move the edge of the roadway in to help direct drainage, better define the edge of the road and hopefully slow traffic.”