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Meeting Summary; Archive

Hartwell Improvement Association

Minutes for Meeting 9-16-2014

Lois Smith, President opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Lois welcomed all in attendance.  Board Members were introduced.

The motion was made and seconded to approve the Minutes from the 8-19-14 HIA Meeting as presented.

Treasurer Report – Alex Holtel:

Beginning Balance @ 8-19-2014:  $4,279.47

We received deposits of $20 from Memberships and a $200 donation to repair the Historic Hartwell sign.   Our only expense for the period was our annual insurance premium of $432.  Our Ending Balance at 9-16-14 = $4,067.47.  A motion was made and seconded to approve the Treasurer’s Report as submitted.

Membership Report:

Renewals: 2,   Expirations: 1, No New Members.  Current Total HIA Members: 118.

Police-Crime Report:   Officer Jody Edwards and Sergeant DeMeco Anderson attended our meeting. Officer Edwards reported that a 16 year old male was arrested and charged with the shooting on Sheehan earlier this summer.  He is also suspected to have been involved in four other robberies this summer.  Another person who was living on Kearney has been arrested this month.  Residents should be seeing some improvements because of this.  This person is also suspected to have been involved in several robberies in the area.  HIA members shared addresses with the police where they suspected illegal drug activities.  The police recently conducted a prostitution sting in the Carthage community and a number of people were arrested and fined.  These types of police projects will continue.  Officer Edwards said that the total crime reports in our neighborhood were somewhat down this month compared to August.  There was discussion about the traffic/safety concerns around Hartwell School.  The police shared that Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) is responsible for assigning crossing guards and encouraged residents to contact them to appeal for an additional guard.  Sgt. DeMeco said that he would try to have an officer’s car present when the kids are dismissed which would hopefully slow traffic.  Lois closed the discussion by saying that the HIA Board would write a letter to CPS to apply pressure on them to provide another crossing guard to help with safety concerns.  Sgt. DeMeco added that we might want to invite a CPS representative to one of our HIA meetings and voice our concerns first-hand.

Fire Department Report:  In September thus far, they had made a total of 87 runs.  Fire Runs:  10, Non-Fire: 39 and 38 EMS runs.  The fire department representatives shared that the month’s topic was regarding Escape Plans from homes.  They discussed the need to check batteries on smoke detectors often and that families should practice escape plans at least twice annually.

Recreation Center Report:  Jan Ober announced some highlights of the Fall Programs for kids as well as some Adult Recreation and Exercise Classes.  The Fall Session flyer was available for members to reference.  She encouraged members to notify the Center with classes they would like the Center to offer.  The free Halloween party for children is scheduled for October 25from 3:30 – 5:00 p.m.  Costumes are welcomed.  She shared that participation in Adult programs is low and asked members to contact the Center with classes or programs that are wanted.  Lois asked that members consider making donations to help the Rec Center in purchasing candy or other goodies for the Halloween party.

Presentations:  Jeff Oxenham, the MSD Storm Water Management Project Manager, presented the plans to improve drainage on the South Side of Parkway Circle.  The plans include a swale and curbs which will improve drainage and help care for the sidewalks and the street in this area of the circle.  Currently, cars are parked on the grass and on the sidewalks.  After this project is completed by the city, we will have a parking lane and this will also help to narrow the road which should lead to less confusion for those drivers not familiar with the one way direction around the circle.  The project is scheduled to begin in late April or early May of 2015 and it should take approximately one month to complete.  There are no plans at this time to do a similar project on the North side of the circle at this time.

Old Business:

Thru the Valley Project:  Martha Kelly tells us that Jay Hamilton has been working on ideas which could modify the plan to address some of the concerns we have shared with him.  The city still plans to hold another update/informational meeting about the project, but the date has still not been determined.

Lois expressed gratitude on behalf of all Hartwell residents for the volunteers who have been mowing some of our community common grass areas.  Lois congratulated an HIA member, Hans Multhopp just became the State Chess Champion.  Lois also announced that Duke Energy will be conducting its inspections of gas pipings in neighborhood homes between September 3 and October 1.  These inspections will be performed by a contracted company, Southern Cross.  These technicians will wear identifications but residents should be careful to make sure that the technician appearing at their home to perform the work is actually the Southern Cross technician.

Board Member Announcements:  Dee announced that the Valley Business Alliance (VBA) had held its second meeting and added that while there were few in number thus far, the enthusiasm of the group for what it might accomplish is very high.  One of the group’s primary concerns is our having sufficient police presence on Vine Street.  The group recommended that we invite a representative from Citizens on Patrol to come to an upcoming HIA meeting to talk about the program and encourage more residents to participate in the program.

New Business:

NBD Proposal:  Alex shared that the cost to renew and maintain the planters along Vine would cost $200 each.  We have 9 planters, so the total cost is $1,800 for the year.  The Parks Board waters them and replaces flowers if needed.  A motion was made and seconded to renew this planter maintenance service.  This leaves us with ($4,800 total awarded NBD funds – $1,800) $3,000 remaining NBD funds.

NSP Proposal:  Alex requested approval to request $1,050 from NSP for Light Up Hartwell expenses.  This is approximately the amount that we spent for this event last December.  After some discussion, the members voted to approve this request.  We receive a total of $4,800 for the fiscal year from NSP.  After these expenses, we will have a balance remaining of $3,750.  (Light Up Hartwell will take place Saturday, December 13 at the Hartwell Presbyterian Church).

Upcoming Projects/Events:

Hartwell Presbyterian Church will host “Music in the Circle” Saturday, 9-27.  All are welcome.

Our neighborhood Fall Cleanup Day is Saturday, October 4th.  More volunteers are needed.  Volunteers are encouraged to bring work gloves.  LaCartha is coordinating the refreshments.

The Centennial Barn Harvest Festival will be held on Sunday, October 19th.

The Hartwell School is having an Open House on October 2 from 6 p.m. until 7:30 p.m.  The HIA Board will have a table at this event to increase awareness of HIA in hopes or recruiting new members.

The Hartwell Methodist Church is planning to host a Halloween Party on October 31st.  All are welcome.

Other Announcements:  Dee gave a brief summary of the Regional Neighborhood Network Conference (RNNC) which she and Lois attended to represent Hartwell.  Expenses were covered by the city of Cincinnati.  Presentations and information shared at the conference were inspirational.  Next year’s conference will be held 10/1 – 10/3 in Bowling Green, KY.  We hope to have Hartwell represented again.

With no further business or announcements, Lois adjourned the meeting at 8:05 p.m.

Hartwell Improvement Association

March 18, 2014

  • Lois Smith, vice president, opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • February Minutes had the correction of Rick Smith’s employment being Fusion Center.  Minutes stand approved as corrected.
  • Treasurer’s report:  Beginning balance as of February 2014:  $2,746.99.  Deposits:  Memberships, $140.  No expenses.  Ending balance $2,886.99.  Approved as presented.
  • Membership report: 121 total.
  • Fire report: None.
  • Police report: Officer Edwards was present with no reports of activity.  Phil Spears brought up the parking problem on Decamp with customers blocking the street.  Captain Neville was present and explained that he had wrote a letter to the owner about the safety issues.  He said all they can do is keep writing tickets.  Someone asked if they could make a nuisance complaint.  The Captain said no.
  • Officer Edwards brought up that she had sent an e-mail to Pastor Fryer about visibility of police and where the citizens would like them.
    • Holtel asked about drug activity and if reporting specific dates and times would be helpful.
  • Recreation Center reported that several new programs would be starting up including adult programming, boot camp, Zumba, spring program for youth and that they have brochures at the table.
  • Captain Doug Wiesman of the Cincinnati Police Department had a powerpoint presentation informing us on
    • This is a “Facebook” for neighborhoods.  You need to supply your correct name and address.  It’s free.  The neighbors can post things such as trash collection. street closures, neighborhood shopping, and construction.  It’s shared online and will include the surrounding neighborhoods.
    • It’s password protected.  Only residents can join.  Sign on and verify with credit card.  This is not for businesses.
  • Vice-Mayor David Mann also attended the meeting along with wife Betsy.  He endorsed the  He is the chair of the neighborhood committee.
    • He talked about the new classes of police officers getting ready to graduate.
    • The council is also facing challenges of budget and pension and are worried about retirees.
    • Also mentioned the NBD planning and funding and how important it is.
  • NBD and NSP:  Alex Holtel presented the balances of the NSP and NBD.
    •  For NSP we asked for $600 for the picnic, $150 for mulch and the remaining $3,464 for the gateway beautification project.  $786 was approved in January totaling $5,000.
    • For NBD we asked for $125 for marketing and the remaining $3,075 for the gateway project.  $1,800 was approved for planters in January.  Gateway project sites 2-5 are estimated at $7,284.13, which leaves us paying $745.13.  Motions were made for both and seconded.
  • Miscellaneous:  Dawn Murray posted a Facebook message about the Thru the Valley project. This is about a proposed new exit ramp along I-75.
  • Meeting adjourned at 8:18 p.m.

February 18, 2014

•    Lois Smith, vice president, opened the meeting at 7:02 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. •    November Minutes were approved as presented. •    Treasurer’s reporter: Beginning balance:  $3741.10.  Deposits:  memberships $130, luminary sales $265, donations $5.  Total deposits:  $400.  Expenses:  Website Halloween contest $21, correspondence $96.97, sales tax for luminary $17.76.  Ending balance $3826.99.  Approved as presented. •    Membership report:113 paid members, 26 renewals and 30 expirations. •    Police report:  Officer Edwards reported 1 robbery at Williamsburg Apartments and the investigation is ongoing. •    Dan Torbeck asked about the speed zone around the elementary school.  He said after people pass through the cross intersection they start accelerating to hurry up and get down the road.  Officer Edwards told us to contact traffic and engineering department about getting more signs.  Dan Torbeck said there had been a sign knocked down by Walgreen’s for a year.  Officer Edwards said that there is an officer who comes out and specifically writes tickets, but he has been on medical leave. •    It was also brought up that maybe plastic cone figures could be set in the walkways as a reminder. •    Someone asked about the Dollar Store being robbed.  Officer Edwards said that was handled by Springfield Township. •   Karen Amend, marketing director of Centennial Barn, gave a very informational representation about the Barn. She told us that it helps support the Franciscan Ministries such as:  Arts for All People, Franciscans for the Poor, Franciscan Haircuts from the Heart, Our Lady of the Woods, Tamar’s Place. •    Rick Smith, police officer, reported on the terrorism unit.  The fugitive center had been opened in 2004.  There’s only three in Ohio.  It’s a combination of officers from the Cincinnati Police and sheriff’s departments. •    Kevin Flynn, was present.  He was newly elected in November.  He was very familiar with Hartwell, having spent eight weeks at Drake and also being from Carthage. •    He did talk about how the new council is trying to balance the budget starting in a $20 million hole from the past budget.  Kevin Flynn also reported public safety was number one concern for the council.  This would include reducing brown outs. •    Council also wants to start replacing retired police officers.  There’s been no new officers since 2008.  There will be a new class in 2015. •    Other: •    NBD and NSP requests, $150 for rocks and dirt for planters, $320 for newsletters,  $280 for yard sale ads and date changes on banners.  Motion was approved. •    Barbara Bell is the vice-president of the Carthage council and attended the meeting. •    Elida Kamine is the Director of Policy and Communication for Councilman P.G. Sittenfeld and attended the meeting. •    Meeting adjourned at 8:22 p.m.

January 21, 2014

  • President Jim Fryer opened the meeting at 7:03 PM.
  • Due to severe winter weather, the decision to abbreviate the meeting was made.
  • No police officers or firemen were in attendance.
  • Reports of membership, finances, previous meeting minutes, and Rec Center were tabled until next meeting.  People scheduled to speak were rescheduled prior to the meeting.
  • The NSP (Neighborhood Support Program)[ partial] Proposal was presented by Lois Smith for Membership for $336.  The remaining funds available for NSP ($4664) will be presented at next month’s meeting for discussion and approval.
  • The NBD (Neighborhood Business District) partial Proposal was presented by Lois Smith for $1800 for Beautification.  This money will be used for the Park Board Planter Program, for nine planters to be planted for spring, summer, and fall, maintained and watered for $200 a planter.  The proposal for the remaining funds available for NBD ($3200) will be presented at next month’s meeting for discussion and approval.
  • Andrea Evans briefly described a grant application for matching funds from Keep Cincinnati Beautiful, to beautify the banks on both sides of Galbraith on both sides of the train trestle.
  • As there are vacancies on the Board, Fryer conducted an election of officers.  Lois Smith and Dee Atkinson had resigned from their respective perspectives.
  • The Board recommended LaCartha Pate for Corresponding Secretary, Alex Holtel for Treasurer, and Lois Smith for Vice President, all of whom were elected to the board.
  • Attendees asked for recognition for the Board’s hard work on Light Up Hartwell, especially Dee Atkinson. The event was determined a success.

Meeting adjourned at 7:21 PM. Next meeting is set for February 18, 2014 November 19, 2013

  • Jim Fryer, President, opened the meeting at 7:02 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Other Board members present:  Dee Atkinson, Jane Messingschlager, and Lois Smith.
  • Treasurer’s report:  Beginning balance: $3665.10.  Ending balance $3741.10.  Approved as presented.
  • Membership Report:  1 new membership, 8 renewals and 3 expirations.
  • Police Report:  Officer Lori Hamann, who works in Corryville, filled in for Officer Edwards this evening. Also present:  Sgt. Anderson and Capt. Neville. If we have concerns, she will give them to Officer Edwards.  Options for addressing unsafe parking practices by Austin Autos customers were discussed.
  • Fryer urged attendees to report anything to the police, even small things.  Two residents reported a break in to the Hartwell Methodist Church parsonage and an abandoned home.
  • Guests:  Students from Woodward High School introduced themselves as a part of a class project to learn about the community.
  • Other guests from Public Allies w/ AmeriCorps introduced themselves:  Ja’Lah, Lavenia, Jennifer and Olivia, one of whom is a mentor.  They solicited ideas for a program or project that would be sustainable, possibly for youth  or for outside employment opportunities.  We can connect with them via Team Audio on Facebook.  Learn more at their ebsite:
  • Rec Center Report:  Jan Ober invited folks to take Dec – Feb flyers (green).  The Center has upgraded Hammerstrength Fit equipment now.  She discussed the successful Halloween party the CRC held: they had 17 parents and 58 kids for their 1 1/2 hour party.
  • The Carthage & Hartwell Seniors are currently working on a project to fill goody bags with candy for all CPS students that the police will hand out near Christmas.  They generally work from 10 AM – 2 PM on this project most days.  Volunteers are needed.
  • Kroger Remodel report: Amber Carter, Hartwell Kroger Store Manager, was introduced.  She told about the $5 million renovation, hopefully to be finished by mid-February.  The open area in the front of the store is for carts.  Blue prints are available for viewing. The hours have been shortened a bit to allow construction at night.Carter also announced that a $100 gift card is given away every week via a drawing.  Sign up available at a table in the store.  Suggestions can be given to Carter.
  • Rumpke representative, Dean Ferrier, informed us the recycling containers have been recently removed from Kroger parking lot due to contamination of recyclables because of dumping, such as furniture.  He asked for suggestions of new placement site for containers, preferably off Vine. The Rumpke website, as well as the City of Cincinnati will publish the new site, when available:
  • Debbie Chambers announced that she will be offering a self-defense class for the Hartwell School staff right after Thanksgiving and is opening it up to the community.  Fee:  $10 – 15.
  • Lois Smith gave her report of activities she has been involved with in the past month.
  • Dee Atkinson’s report:  She gave a call for volunteers for LUH, which is Dec 7, 6 – 8:30 PM at Hartwell Presbyterian Church.  Several volunteer opportunities were available.
  • Amber Carter volunteered Kroger to provide snacks for our meetings.
  • Sandee Read discussed the Citizens Police Academy, a free 8 week program, which includes the evening meal. The series teaches what the police department does.  For info or to apply, call 352-3562.  Next Academy starts in March. When asked about a residency requirement, Read encouraged anyone interested to apply; determination will be made by the department.

Meeting adjourned at 8:22 PM.

  • Meeting Summary, October 19th, 2013 Treasurer’s report:  Lois Smith reported a beginning balance of $4050.10, with income of $40 due to memberships, and expenses of $425 for liability insurance.  Ending balance is $3665.10.  Report was approved. Membership Report:  Jane Messingschlager reported that there were 4 renewals.  Total membership stands at 141. Renewal notices will be sent to members whose memberships have expired in the recent past few months as well as those due for renewals in next month or two. Police Report:  Officer Edwards reported that the Police Dept. is aware of the problem with speeding at the beginning and end of the school day. ‘Tent’ cities, or the establishment of small collections of built-shelters were also mentioned near Drake and under the Vine St Bridge. Edwards said to call the police when we see smoke (and fire dept, as appropriate).  We should email Edwards with non-emergency information concerning about these situations. Capt Neville reported on the domestic shooting on Dixie Ave.  The ex-boyfriend became upset with the new boyfriend.  Both had guns; the new boyfriend’s gun was registered.  The ex-boyfriend was found dead outside the dwelling.  Children were asleep at the time and were unharmed. Rec Center Report:  Debbie Houser reported that the registrations for their after school program are down to 13 children; it is for 6 – 12 year old from 2 – 6 PM.  A fee is charge.  The Center also offers in Drop in program from 2:30 – 4:30 PM, which is free with a $2 membership. The Center offers  youth basketball, tumbling, soccer, and flag football.  The Weight Room is full now with equipment from the Price Hill Rec Center, which is being renovated; the hours are Noon – 8 PM, M – Thur, and Friday 10 AM to 6 PM. The Rec Center is looking for suggestions of programs.  Please email: or Phone: 821-5194.  The Center’s hours are noon – 8 PM most days. Attention was drawn to flyers on the Welcome table, including Health and Wellness flyer. Dee Atkinson announced LUH for Dec 7, 6 – 8:30 PM in the Circle.  An organizational volunteer meeting will be held in the next few weeks.  She passed a signup sheet to enlist volunteers. Debbie Ramey invited all to attend ” Music in the Circle” event at Hartwell Presbyterian Church on Sat., Oct 19 from noon to 3 PM.  Jazz music will highlight the event and refreshments would be served. Jim Fryer encouraged residents to vote in the upcoming election.  Hartwell had low voter turnout in the last Primary.  Candidates look at voter turnout, especially when campaigning. Debbie Chambers announced that Hartwell School recently was the backdrop for filming of a commercial for Children’s Hospital.  The storyline of the commercial is a young girl with cancer is treated at Children’s, gets better, and returns to school. No Hartwell children were actors.


Meeting Summary, September 17th, 2013

  • Treasurer’s Report:  Beginning balance was $2399.94. Ending balance is $4050.10.
  • Membership Report: There were 5 renewals and 1 expiration, for a current total of 156.
  • Police Report: Officer Edwards reported that property crimes were up this past month, i.e. theft from homes, and autos.  An AC unit was stolen again from a church.   Edwards encouraged appropriate parties to attend a Free Landlord training on Oct 2 from 9 – 5 PM, at 19 West 77th St in Carthage.
  • Rec Center Report:  Debbie Houser reported that registrations are down for the after school program, with only 17 enrolled.  It runs from 2 – 6 PM; cost is $30 a week.  The drop-in program runs from 2:30 – 4:30 pm and is free with $2 membership.  The program includes homework assistance, a snack and an activity.  Debbie then reported upcoming programs that are currently available at the Rec.
  • Debbie Chambers invited all to attend the Hartwell School Showcase, Sept 28, 11 AM – 3 PM.  It is a chance for the community to see the school.  Representatives from various community organizations will be present. For donations of time, or materials, please see Debbie Chambers.
  • Dionne Rogers from Sound Mind Counseling gave highlights about this private agency at 203 Galbraith.  Dr. Shantel Thomas, CEO, oversees a staff of 11- 12.  Five to 85 year old clients are served.  A variety of services are provided in group and individual counseling settings.
  • Beautification Contest Awards:  Yard Plaques were presented to Laura & Steve Tonne for their house on Burns.  They also were awarded the plaque for “most Improved” for their rehab on Avalon, which sold in three days just recently.  Also recognized was Ben Kessling for his house on Hillsdale.
  • Sandee Read made available Bengal stickers for cars.
  • Phil & Ruth Ann Spears asked about the possibility of advertizing on our newsletter.  Lauren Clark indicated that sponsorship for hard copy newsletter is possible.  She indicated that our website is seeing about 1000 hits/months.

Meeting Summary, March 19th, 2013

  • Office Edwards reported an attempted robbery at the Walgreens on Galbraith. She also took questions on Austin Autos.

  • Lois Smith provided an updated budget. The HIA budget balance is currently  $4941.10.

  • Connie Ober, Service Area Coordinator and Interim Director provided a  New Program List for the group. She also noted that, by mid-April, the Director for Hartwell Rec Center should be named.

    • The Rec Center is available for rent:  $35/hr weekdays, and $65/hr on weekends.

  • Officers Dee Atkinson, Jane Messingschlager, and President Jim Fryer made announcements about upcoming events in Hartwell. All events can be found on our calendar page!

  • Guest speakers, Phil and Ruth Ann Spears, were introduced. They are long-time residents of Hartwell. They spoke about their business,  Small Jobs Company,  one of only two companies listed for the Cincinnati area on the website as ‘aging in place’ home modifications experts!

  • They provided several suggestions and facts about how to make your home livable throughout your life. These included:

  • Plan ahead;  simple alterations could save you from a fall that could cost thousands of dollars

  • If you are going to remodel bathroom or kitchen, consider Universal Design.  The remodel can be very attractive

  • Kitchen – consider wheelchair needs – turn ratios; widen doors;  move shelves lower; install easy to use appliances

  • Lamps and light switches should be within easy reach of the bed

  • Steps and handrails need to be secure

  • Use contrasting colors on stairs

  • Have uniform lighting in a room; keep walkways clear at all times

  • Improve exterior light; use motion detector lights outside

  • Floors should be non slip

  • Replace or tighten loose carpet; remove scatter rugs and doormats, due to trip hazard

  • Check for electric cords because of trip hazard

  • Keep a phone by the bed for emergencies

  • Use CO and smoke detectors ; replace if older than 10 years

  • Regular home maintenance and repair is vital for good resale value

  • Consider needs of elderly and those with mobility needs who come into your home

  • Grants are available for veterans

  • Phil Spears will conduct a free safety inspection in your home:  He may be contacted at: or

  • Timothy McClure, Councilman Wendell Young’s Community Liaison was introduced.
  • Business District meets the last Wed of the month at Frisch’s.

February 19th, 2013:

Minute Highlights:

  • Fireman Jasper from Ladder #2 spoke to HIA members. He provided seasonal safety tips including the following:
    • service the fire place regularly to prevent chimney fires
    • keep salt in the garage and near outside doors to prevent falls
    • be safety minded about shoveling snow – falls, health factors
    • make sure to have working smoke detectors, CO detectors and maintain your furnace.
    • utilize fire station offerings for free  blood pressure and blood glucose tests
  • Officer Jody Edwards provided the police report. Due to a slight increase in thefts, she advised residents not to leave valuable items in their vehicles.
  • Interim Recreation Center Director, Connie Ober, discussed center services and growth. There is senior programming Mondays,Wednesdays, and Thursdays in the morning.  Tax Preparation Assistance is taking place on Tuesdays.  She is working on new programming, including watercolor class.  She is open to ideas and new programs.
  • Speaker for the evening:  Rick Dieringer, from Invest in Neighborhoods, explained the time frame of Neighborhood Stabilization Program and Neighborhood Business District for the next 12 – 18 months.  He expects money in the next week or two from the City to reimburse various community councils (including Hartwell) for NSP and NBD expenditures.  He also provided details about the controversial privatization of City parking meters and garages plan that was released today by Milton Dohoney in City Council Chambers. Lastly, he encouraged HIA members to pursue 501(c)3 status. The HIA is currently a 501(c)4 organization, which limits charitable giving and our access to a significantly reduced liability insurance rate.
  • Updates were provided on the new city trash cans and two HIA proposed budget items (both approved).

Meeting Summary, January 15th, 2013:

  • Councilmember Yvette Simpson was introduced.  She is rotating through neighborhoods, listening to issues addressed at community council meetings and brings news from City Council.  The budget process is now behind Council, but will be dealt with again in June.   She discussed issues including summer youth employment, the street car, neighborhood support, and  several “micro-grant”m initiatives allowing individuals or small business to purchase and rehabilitate local properties.
  • Maurice, a Rec Center  employee, gave the report in the absence of Deborah Houser.   Te Rec Center is looking for a certified Zumba instructor for Wed. nights.  Membership prices are the same except, membership for children/youth (ages 17 and under) has changed from $10/year to only $2.  Cycling started Jan 14, (held M & W) which is free with membership.  Karate is also available .
  • Sean Walsh, representing Councilmember Chris Seelbach was recognized. Seelbach is involved with the Railroad Quiet Zone Study.
  • Susan Murphy, representing Newcomer Funeral Homes, spoke to the meeting.  Newcomer is new to Cincinnati and Hartwell.  Her employer bought the Hartwell facility on Vine from Walker.  Newcomer has been in Ohio since 1997, and has facilities in several other cities in OH.  They bring excellent prices and excellent service to our community.  The other facilities in Cincinnati are state of the art funeral homes.  The facility here in Hartwell is a prep center; no cremations are done here.
  • Neighborhood Officer Jody Edwards said that Hartwell was starting off the year well.  However, there has been an increase in crime from thefts from autos.  She reminded us to remove all items from our vehicles.
  • Martha Kelly and Reggie Victor of the City of Cincinnati Dept. of Transportation and Engineering presented the Potential Quiet Zone Update.  Handouts were distributed.   A Quiet Zone must be at least one half mile in length and have at least one public highway-rail grade crossing.  Supplemental Safety measures include:  four-quadrant gates (most expensive), median barrier (not applicable due to narrow streets), wayside horns  (similar sound to horn, but not as loud as the train horn itself), and closing the crossing.  Their next step is to talk with Fire and Police to learn of any concerns they have.
  • Announcements were brief due to time. However , Jim Fryer noted delays in the Business District Development and encouraged a stronger Business Association involvement.

Meeting Summary, November 20, 2012

  • Councilman P. G. Sittenfeld reported on a proposal to outsource the city-owned parking system in exchange for $40 million up front.  He proposes instead that the city consider selling to the Port Authority so the city still gets cash up front but revenue stays in Cincinnati with an entity invested locally.  He encourages residents to make their feelings known to city council, the mayor and city manager:   (email goes to all 9 council members) and the mayor at
  • Dan Bower, Economic Development Analyst for the City of Cincinnati, works to optimize basic services from the city to local businesses to help them grow (i.e. road repair, trash pickup).  He requests that residents who work for, or know of a Cincinnati business his office should be working with, contact him at 352-4638 or email:
  • Ms. Parker, of Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana (OKI) shared that OKI is our local transportation planner and serves 8 counties in the tri state area. OKI is required to periodically solicit community feedback on local concerns/issues. She requests that residents complete a five minute questionnaire.  It is also online at or one can contact 513-619-7701 or
  • Peggy Jones, local resident, shared her interest in the history of Hartwell. Peggy came to Hartwell as a very young child and her family lived in the old school at Galbraith and Woodbine, now gone.  She remembers, even at that young age, being enamored with the architecture, fireplaces, the light fixtures, high ceilings, and large spaces in her apartment and that experience spurred an ongoing interest in the subject. She urges that we appreciate our community’s unique history and keep it alive through pictures and stories.
  • Jim announced Peggy Nestor’s resignation from the HIA board and thanked her for her service.
  • Light Up Hartwell is 6 – 9 p.m. on December 8 with free refreshments, pictures with Santa, carriage rides and musical performances. Luminaria kits will be sold between 2 and 4 p.m. on Nov 17 and 24 at the school.
  • There is no HIA meeting in December. The next meeting will be 7:00 p.m. Tuesday, January 15, 2013.