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Our Latest Newsletter

Hartwell Update – August 2017 – HIA Meeting This Tuesday at 7 pm; Hamilton County Fair This Weekend; Street Sweeping Now Monthly 

Next HIA Meeting – This Tuesday; August 15; 7 pm at Hartwell Recreation Center – Beautification Awards

August Speakers – Matthew Lang, The Y of Cincinnati – Career Training Opportunity; Laure Quinlivan, City Council Candidate, Ryan Messer, School Board Candidate, Manuel Foggie, City Council Candidate

Annual Beautification Awards Announced at July HIA Meeting 

William and Marie Wyatt – 8354 Burns
Lisa Clauss – 50 Glendale
Carmen Current – 201 Parkway
Bernard Kessling – 68 Hillsdale
Congratulations to you all!


Improvements to Parkway Ave. Area – From Lois Smith 

From Jennifer Russell, Senior Engineer with Department of Transportation and Engineering: “We are still rehabilitating Parkway Avenue this year with work starting in the next few weeks. More specifically in the circle and down to Monon Avenue, we are planning to reconstruct the roadway and will lower the pavement grades to allow for proper drainage. We will install a paved gutter along the outer edges of the roadway to accommodate drainage and will replace driveway aprons to accommodate the new roadway grades…the paved gutters will not be like the drains on DeCamp. The best way to describe the paved gutters is a flattened rolled curb. I believe a prior design included installing pipes and regrading the tree lawn areas into grass swales, but did not address the underlying issue of the roadway being too flat to completely fix all the problems. With the new design of lowering the road, we can get the outer edges of the pavement and the areas around the churches to drain completely to the existing inlets on Parkway and Woodbine Avenues. Generally, the roadway width will stay the same, except at Monon Avenue where we will move the edge of the roadway in to help direct drainage, better define the edge of the road and hopefully slow traffic.”


Street Sweeping Now Monthly 

All streets in Cincinnati are cleaned once a month.  Even sides of the streets are swept on the 2nd Wednesday in Hartwell and the odd sides of the streets are swept on the 4th Wednesdays.  Public Services asks that we move vehicles parked on the street, if at all possible, so they can get to the curb.  They will not post signs to remind us.


Cincy Insight Website Offers Statistical Peek at Neighborhoods – From Laura Feldman…/CincyInsights/s59x-yqy3

This is a website offered by the City of Cincinnati. This site offers real time snow plow tracking, heroin usage in the city, census data, where pothole requests have been made and police calls for service.


Thanks from Jan Ober & (Hartwell Recreation Center) Needs Arts and Crafts Posters and Frames Back 

Lois and Jan would like to thank everyone who put posters in their yards for the Arts & Crafts Fair ask that folks return the posters and frames to the Hartwell Recreation Center.  They will be needed for next year.  Items can be brought to the rec center Mon-Fri from 11am – 6:30pm.


Annual Magic Forest Halloween Hikes at Caldwell Nature Preserve 

Friday & Saturday., October 20 – 21, 2017

7:00 – 9:00 p.m.; Caldwell Nature Preserve, 430 W. North Bend Rd. 

Walk through a pumpkin-lit trail meeting costumed characters from nature and history.

This is a non-scary holiday walk best suited to children ages 3-10 years. Hikes start at 7:00 p.m., and leave every 15 minutes until 8:30 p.m. Each hike lasts about one hour.

Make it a family tradition. Fee: $6 per person. Call 321-6208 for information.

Register online after August 31st at


*NEW*  HOWL-O-WEEN at Caldwell Nature Preserve

Sun., October 22, noon – 3pm; Caldwell Nature Preserve, 430 W. North Bend Rd.

Dress up in awesome costumes and brew up some fun with your canine companion!  Take a walk on our trail filled with over 100 carved pumpkins and along the way meet local pet specialists that will fill your goody bag plus provide guidance on any questions you might have. Stop by the photo booth to capture this special day with your dog and join our costume contest!  Shop for supplies and receive free supplies from our Spooktacular Sponsor: PetSmart . Cost is $10 per dog.  Register online at: 


Movie Night Saturday, August 19, at Hartwell United Methodist Church 

Hartwell United Methodist Church is hosting a Back to School Movie Night and Reunion for Hartwell Elementary students present and past. It’s Saturday, August 19, from 6:30 to 8:30, at Hartwell United Methodist Church, 140 Parkway Avenue (The circle church). We’ll be showing High School Musical, and we’ll have snacks and activities. We encourage past students to bring memorabilia to share with current students.


Help Needed at “The Banks” Green Area on Galbraith Rd. 

From Andrea Evans – “As you all have probably seen, “The Banks” (landscaped area on either side of the Galbraith Rd railroad trestle) is in need of some Hartwell neighbors who are willing to weed it.” This is the type of volunteer work you can do if you have some unstructured free time on your hands.  If you can help, please email me at and I will forward your message to Andrea.


Homeschooling and Interested in a Physical Fitness Program – Contact Lonnie Jenkins at Hartwell Recreation Center

Hello, My name is Lonnie Jenkins I am working at the Hartwell Community Center. I am looking to see how many families are home schooling their children in the area. I am trying to gather interest in a physical education class that would meet the requirements for their home school program. Any comments, thoughts or suggestions will help. Thank you.


Hamilton County Fair This Weekend 

The Hamilton County Fair will be held August 9-13 this year.  Music, rides, agricultural events, arts and crafts, demolition derbies, etc. will be available for all to see or participate in.  For more information check out their website at


Cincinnati Residential Tax Abatement Program 

When you build a new home or invest in renovations, your property taxes can go up. The City of Cincinnati’s Residential Property Tax Abatement makes it possible for property owners to minimize the taxes they pay. The Abatement allows owners to pay taxes on the pre-improvement value of their property for 10-15 years. Property tax abatement is available for any increased valuation that results from improvements to the property for new construction and renovation.
The program aims:

  • Stimulate Community Revitalization
  • Retain City Residents
  • Attract Homeowners
  • Reduce Development Costs for Homeownership and Rental Projects

Tax abatement benefits stay with the property the entire length of the abatement and transfer to any new property owner within the approved time period.  For more information about the program visit this site –


#Why I Love Cincy Social Media Program Started August 1 – From Theresa Brown

The City of Cincinnati Department of Community and Economic Development is excited to announce #WhyILoveCincy, a social media campaign to run throughout the month of August. #WhyILoveCincy aims to highlight the many features that make our city shine.

We would love to have you join us for this all-things-Cincinnati initiative. To participate, simply upload a video or photo to your social media networks explaining why you love our city and include the hashtag #WhyILoveCincy. We’re hoping everyone has fun with this, and we hope to get widespread community participation.  The campaign will run through August 31.


Creative Journaling Growth Group at Hartwell United Methodist Church 

Love to doodle – then this group is for you – Creative journaling for devotion, Bible Study, meditation, or just some reflective time.  Thursdays at UMC at 7:10pm;  lots of supplies available to get you started.  Call 513-761-4990 for more information.


Beginning Guitar Class at Hartwell United Methodist Church

Frank Steele is offering a guitar class.  It meets on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm at the Hartwell United Methodist Church.  For more information contact Frank at


Cincinnati Citizens on Patrol Info – From Laura Feldman 

The City of Cincinnati has a Citizens on Patrol program. After applicants are trained, they can use a marked City vehicle to patrol each neighborhood. Some Cinicinnati neighborhoods have very active patrols. Here is a link to the application if you are interested:


Give Hartwell Elementary School Your Kroger’s Rewards – From Dawn Murray 

If you give Hartwell School your Kroger community rewards, be sure to log in and occasionally check that they are still getting credit. I just looked to see what my last amount was and it told me that I needed to re-enroll by the end of this month. Remember this does not take away from your Kroger gas points, it is just something in addition that benefits the neighborhood school. It may not be a lot of money, but imagine if everybody gave their community rewards to Hartwell School that was on this page.


Get Fit at Hartwell Recreation Center (513-821-5194); New Hours Below 

Hartwell Community Center offers Hammer Strength Weight Room, Pilates, Spinning, Senior Programs, Youth Drop In programs, After School Camp, Holiday Camp, and Summer Day Camp for children ages 6-12 yrs. They also offer a Teen Club. The fitness enter has Hammer Strength equipment, a treadmill, an exercise bike, free weights and a Magnum Fitness System.

Center hours are Monday and Wednesday 11am-7:30pm; Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 11am-7pm.

The cost of the fitness room is included with yearly membership.

Young Adults – 18-24 – $10.00

Adults – $25.00

50+ – $10.00

Schedules of events are available at the Center.  The HRC is open noon – 7 pm.   Monday through Friday and closed Saturday and Sunday.  Here are some programs available:

Spinning – M&W; 6:30-7:30pm; Free with Membership

Pilates – TH; 6-7pm; $8 per class

Fitness Room – M-F; Noon-15 minutes before Closing.


Join the Hartwell Improvement Association!

The Hartwell Improvement Association is funded by your contributions.  For $10.00 a year you can be a participating member in the HIA, which meets on the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm at the Hartwell Recreation Center.  The HIA values your support and participation.  To join, send a check to HIA; PO Box 15608; Cincinnati, Ohio   45215-0608.


Reminder about Trash and Recycle Bins Plus Link to City Services for Complaints about Overgrown Yards, Junk Vehicles, Signs Down, etc. 

Carts are to be placed with the opening facing the curb.  Also, it is a good idea to use both hands when transporting a cart to and from the curb.

Here is the City contact info where you can complain about tall grass, weeds, junk autos, etc.  The phone number is 513-591-6000 and the online link is here


Hartwell Area Senior News 

Hartwell Valley Seniors meet each Thursday from 9am – 2pm at the Hartwell Recreation Center at 8275 Vine Street.  Annual membership is $10.00 and club dues are $2.00.  Call 513-821-5194 for information or pick up quarterly calendar of events at the center.  The club president is Shelly King, Vice-President is Carol Hardy, and Program Director is Jan Ober.

Hartwell Social Media Outlets

Keep up with the Hartwell with these social media sites:

HIA Website –

Facebook – Hartwell Improvement Association Group –

Nextdoor Hartwell –

Twitter – @HartofCincy –

Facebook – I’m from Hartwell, Ohio –

Facebook – Carthage Hartwell Yard Sale –


City and Police Contact Numbers and City Service Websites – Call 513-765-1212 to Report Crimes; 911 for Emergencies

Be sure to report all crimes or suspicious behavior, no matter how small, to the police.  There have been recent thefts, drug activity has been spotted, and residents have been threatened and attacked during the past year.   Please keep the police informed when these crimes occur.  Police/Fire Non-Emergency is 513-765-1212.  Our local representative is Jody Edwards ( and her phone number is 513-569-8649. Calling her number will not report the crime to the data base – be sure to call 513-765-1212 if you want a crime officially reported.

City Services is; the phone number is 513-591-6000.  Use this to contact the city about problems such as trash, potholes, unmaintained property, etc.

Here is a link to the City page with the mayor, city council, etc., city manager contact info –


Recycle and Yard Waste Dates – Tuesday, August 15, 29, September 12, 26; Trash Collection Is on Wednesday, September 6 because of the Labor Day Holiday  

For more garbage and yard waste information – please consult the city web site here:


Friends of the Library Book Warehouse Hours 

Mondays, 5:30 to 7:30 pm; Wednesdays, 10 am to 1 pm; Saturdays, 10 am to 2 pm.