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Thank You to the Volunteers at Hartwell Clean-up October 7

Thanks to the October 7 Clean-up Volunteers!   There were several volunteers from Wyoming:  Sherie Callaghan, Kate Miller and son, Calvin, Jackie Frondorf and four children from Westwood, Mark Huesken from College Hill, as well as our Hartwell folks: Dawn Wooten, Kevin Slattery, Laura Feldman, Hans Multhopp, Andrea Evans, and Jim and Lois Smith. Thanks also to Jana Allard for providing our breakfast snacks. Jackie’s husband, Henry, is running for City Council. We weeded part of the Galbraith Banks, picked up litter in various areas of the neighborhood, worked on the tree wells on Vine, trimmed a lot of weeds and spruced up the gateway at Vine and Galbraith,. Thanks to our volunteers!